About Us

About Us
APTRDA was born on the 18th of November2014 when NSW Fair Trading granted Registration of the Incorporated Association, with the first meeting held on 27 November 2014.

The objects of the APTRD Association Inc are to facilitate and develop sound communication between members and establish a communication link and legally binding agreements with Triathlon Australia and other National Governing sport organisations  when and if required.

The Association has had to set annual membership fees and these have been set for this year as follows :

Race Directors/Event Owners with more than 10,000 competitors per annum racing in their events- $400
Race Directors/Event Owners  with between 5, 000 and 10,000 competitors racing in their events - $300
Race Directors/Event Owners  with less than 5,000 competitors racing in their events - $200

In addition to the above professional RD/EO a category for Race Directors running events as non-profit may join for $50 but will not carry voting rights but are welcome to join for their valuable input.  At this early stage the annual fees will be for the Season year.

The inaugural meeting saw the formation of a Committee comprising the following Office bearers:

President and Public Officer- Ken Baggs
Vice President –David Hansen  
Treasurer/Secretary- Brendon Downey

Committee members: Geoff Meyer, Mark Emerton, David Budge